04 December 2017

What is a experience designer?

By Montdor

What do you do in Montdor?

I am an Experience Designer, who is fascinated by storytelling and creating concepts based on experiences for our clients and their consumers.

What are experiences to you?

Experiences create memories that allow us to tell stories. This is what we experience through life - what we 'update' our internal model with. When we look forward to something, it is the memory of the experience we expect to get we are thinking of. Therefore, when I design experiences, my starting point is to exceed those expectations, thus making the experience memorable and worth sharing.

What makes Montdor special?

Almost 10 years ago I started at Montdor. I was a young, autodidactic kid, who found that I had a fantastic agency that believed in me and my quirkiness at my back. I have been part of the agency’s journey ever since.

Which project are you most proud of?

To me, it is the small details that make the difference. The small strokes of genius that lift concepts, bind them together and bring them to life.

You like being out in the wild. How can this be?

When I go hiking, underwater hunting or fishing, I find inspiration. It is peaceful, has always calmed me down and keeps on surprising me. By getting into the wild I can empty my head so I have room for all sorts of new and exciting thoughts.