A brand with a story

In 2015 Royal Unibrew launched a new series of craft beers under the name Lottrup – named after Malthe Conrad Lottrup who in 1856 founded the famous Ceres Brewery in Aarhus.

The great US craft beer tradition that even today sets the standard around the globe began around the time Ceres was founded in Aarhus. US craft brewing merges European beer styles with hops and malts from “the new world”. This served as inspiration for Lottrup both in terms of the beer and the brand identity.

We created a masculine look and feel with a simple and classic, yet modern design. The Lottrup brand universe is “back to basics” and sends a message about uncomplicated male companionship.

The outside of a Lottrup has to reflect what’s inside the bottle. We wanted to create a concept that borrows from the industrial American design tradition and delivers a promise of a “no fuss” craft beer with great taste.


  • Visual brand identity
  • Logo and fonts
  • Packaging design
  • POS and advertising
  • Brand activation
  • Social media